Historic company DRAGONI is 90 years old.

Strong of its know-how, it has worked so far with tenacity and commitment, transforming its trends archive into research and design.

Screening the present from the past, it has set up the spring-summer 2020 collection through a fashion manual, dedicating a completely different space to woman's look and capturing new vitality, with discharge-printed shirting, trendy prints on viscose and fancy-striped voiles.

Relevance to fabric textures, raised aspects and the search for yarn-dyed stretch jacquards for jackets, renovated in pastel shades or with overlays.

A look at the masculine, to yarn-dyed textured trousers with a retro taste, micro-structured jacquards, and yarn-dyed linen blends with a colored panama effect for a younger look.

Prints on linen shirting have délavé, tie-&-dye effects, to soften the raw touch of linen yarn and make it more lively and versatile.

For casual trouser pocketings, fancy structured patterns, brightly colored yarns and a development of all-over prints, guided by a lot of stylistic curiosity and research into contemporary vintage.