Collection - Autumn / Winter 2022-2023


We are proud to have completed the collection in this phase of global difficulty due to Covid19, which slowed us down, but we were able to complete the proposal by also implementing the focus on sustainability with new products and excellent materials.


Among the novelties we have introduced a recycled cotton yarn produced in Italy for use in trousers with very soft and warm finishes.

In general, we have increased the use of sustainable yarns such as TencelTM or recycled GRS and viscose which this season is FSC® certified.


A proposal of technical and sustainable finishes has been created such as the EcoGummy which helps to have a snappy and technical hand for both trousers and jackets.


From a dyeing point of view, we have introduced trouser fabrics with dyes made with recycled and sustainable dyes. RecyPigments.


Finishes with natural softeners, lanolin derived from wool which gives the fabric volume and softness and is also sustainable. EcoLanolin.


From a sportswear and active perspective, we offer nylon cottons for trousers and shirts, TencelTM stretch cottons and fashion yarn dyed with lurex and recycled polyester.


As from last season, the collection is all digitized and available on the Neocatalog corporate platform and can be consulted by the sales network at any time.

This is to speed up the interaction with the customer and in case of smart working it can also be presented online.



The categories of the collection are as follows:

Shirts - Women - Men - Special Finishes - Lining - Print

We maintain a balanced proposal within the categories and implement it in women's shirts compared to last season.

In the print, on the other hand, we have introduced a digitally printed viscose knit base that gives fluidity and brilliance to the garments.



The concepts around which the collection has been developed are:

Sustainable - City Urban Active - Luxury Urban - Eco Structures - Digital Fluidity


Sustainable: a greater focus on sustainability with FSC-certified viscose and recycled and organic GOTS® cottons.


City Urban Active: from an urban perspective where better comfort and greater functionality are needed; objectives we have achieved by working on structures inspired by active wear such as jog, rip-stop and with structured nylon yarns, Xlance® already present in previous collections, in combination with functional finishes such as Always Fresh and anti-bacterial Heiq ®.


Luxury Urban: we have new wool cottons and Ultrafine cottons made with fine yarns and woven with recycled GRS or organic GOTS.

In addition, we find the special finishes EcoLanolin and EcoGummy


EcoStructures: structures with relief, from flannels to doubles with recycled GRS yarns and lurex-like effect.


Digital Fluidity in this summer version has enhanced fluidity with the use of printed viscose, twill, jersey, poplin for shirts and structures for trousers.

Combined and printed versions from micro-effects to Tie & Dye and pictorial concepts with new interpretations of floral insertions.