Collection - Fall - Winter 2023 - 2024

Following international trends and the market situation, we have prepared the new fall-winter 23-24 collection trying to be sustainable but also concrete so that we can best serve customers in the optimal timeframe and on materials that are not overly expensive. The circular economy is increasingly important, which is why we are expanding the sustainable range with TENCEL™ (TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG), recycled or organic cotton and/or polyester yarns.

We present cottons/wools for shirts and, embellished with Lurex yarns, outerwear with more modern and glamorous looks for the women's segment.

Velvets and cord aspects are very much in trend, so we have thought of stretch weave structures that mimic velvets but more flexible and economical.

We confirm the ecru, natural, undyed, sustainable theme that can be used for all seasons.

In general, the direction is towards outdoor, active wear and casual, in this post covid phase where the need is to regain freedom in outdoor spaces.

The collection is all digitized and available on the company's Neocatalog platform and can be accessed at any time by both the sales network and customers.

The concepts around which the collection was developed are:

Sustainable - City Urban Active - Luxury Urban - Eco Structures - Digital Fluidity.

Sustainable: a greater focus toward sustainability by increasing the proposal of TENCEL™, FSC® certified viscose, GOTS® organic cottons and GRS recycled.

City Urban Active: in the urban perspective there are new velvet-like structures and we have kept those inspired by active wear such as jog, rip stop and structured nylon yarns.

Luxury Urban: materials with finer yarns, twisted and recycled cottons where we expanded the sustainable range using GRS or GOTS® yarns; cottons/wools with Lurex yarns for more glamorous and fashionable products.


EcoStructures: we added structures with weaves using TENCEL™, and recycled yarns with a view to the women's market.

Digital Fluidity: seen as a need for fluidity of materials, so with viscose, TENCEL and Lycra where we present both plain and printed versions.

Print continues to be a topic of interest because it renews the window displays and the proposition in the e-commerce of brands.

Here the evolution is toward more geometric and season less designs, faded aspects almost fused and digital for both men and women.