Autumn - Winter 2021-2022 COLLECTION

In this collection, Dragoni continues the path taken towards greater sustainability and less environmental impact.

New certifications such as FSC® for viscose are added and the use of recycled GRS yarn-dyed cotton yarns has been introduced.


There are the categories as in the previous collections:


Shirts - Women's trousers - Men's trousers - Linings - Prints


to which is added a new transversal part which is Urban Active.


The concepts around which the collection was developed are:


Urban Active - Luxury Urban - Artisan Mood - Poetic Softness.


Urban Active follows a focus on comfort and functionality and the new Viral Out finish has been introduced here which protects us in daily mobility and Ultra-Fresh with performing yarns such as Xlance® and new Jog weaves.


Luxury Urban is the theme where the finest materials and finishes intertwine such as wool cottons and combinations of GRS yarns recycled with organic GOTS. Here the textures are minimal and refined as well as the geometric and sophisticated prints.


Artisan Mood introduces a concept in which craftsmanship predominates, with more evident structures and sporty yarn-dyed fabrics, pictorial prints that imitate brushstrokes in the motifs of the paintings.

The dimensions of the designs are very large for clothes, dresses and sustainable materials such as viscose FSC®.


Poetic Softness, as the name itself says, is a romantic reinterpretation of materials with special attention to softness and hands in structures and blends.

The velvets are present as shirts, men’s and women’s trousers and have been improved in finishing. Ultrasoft gives volume and fullness to the materials.

Here, blends such as Tencel® and modal are used;  graphics that evoke the romantic nature such as floral, camofulage and degrade