Dragoni - Think Green

This is the new concept of Total Care proposed by Dragoni starting from this season, which aims to pay particular attention to the selection of fibers starting from cotton, which is Organic or BCI, and with blends of Tencel, Modal and Ecovero.

These fabrics are processed internally within our dyeing plant, which is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class 1 appendix 6 certified.

In preparation, eco-sustainable enzymes are used and then all dyed and imitated with the use of dyes and finishes as eco-friendly as possible and with a lower environmental impact.

Think Green leads us to increase the percentage of sustainable items within our proposal each season and to improve constantly the production process.


Commitment to sustainability, an aspect that is gaining ever-greater interest and importance in commercial and social relationships, translates into the architecture of the production process, focusing mainly on the protection of the environment and social heritage. The environment is a heritage that must be protected and saved from indiscriminate exploitation without conscience. Each of us morally must do everything possible so as not to further compromise the situation. Dragoni has always tried to be at the forefront of environmental and social aspects; it is among the first companies to be Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified, providing a product with advanced chemical /physical characteristics; it has a photovoltaic system capable of producing a quantity of clean energy sufficient to almost completely cover the internal needs of force engine and replaced the lighting system of the warehouses with low consumption LED lights. Finally yet importantly, the company obtained the Gots certification for the sale of organic cotton fabrics. Dragoni has invested above all from the environmental point of view in the subsidiary Sifta srl, where it has chosen to undertake an industrial and research path aimed at the progressive and anticipated elimination of chemical substances with a strong environmental impact used in the process and the implementation of the most modern emissions abatement and control systems. Initially it was decided to obtain the Oekotex std 100 class 1 appendix 6 certification, to guarantee ecological requirements on the finished product of a higher level and then to undertake a virtuous path aimed at pursuing the Step by Oeko Tex certification that defines the guidelines for technical improvement/organization of the main sectors of the company, starting from the purchasing and management processes (evaluation to the supply chain) and the disposal of chemical substances, development of the health and safety area in compliance with current regulations and environmental management with the measurement of performance and improvements and, not least but equally important, in delineating what a social policy is and respect for the code of ethics.

Sifta operates with integrated environmental authorization (AIA): a permit that obliges the company to maintain an organizational system of controls, maintenance and periodic checks extremely punctual and strictly monitor the environmental limits set by the Regional regulation in terms of emissions into the atmosphere (exhaust fumes from the production cycle) and emissions into the soil (wastewater from the production cycle) through continuous monitoring systems and technologically progressive upgrading. The company is equipped with a two-stage biological purifier, an electrostatic blast chiller for atmospheric emissions deriving from drying systems, a two-stage scrubber (basic / oxidative and acid) for the abatement of atmospheric emissions, even odors, deriving from the point-blank implant. The environmental policy of Sifta is further progressing with the implementation of new work cycles and innovative raw materials that allow reducing the consumption of water and energy per kg of processed product; all this translates into smaller quantities of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

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