The circular economy is increasingly important, which is why we are expanding our sustainable range with TENCEL™ (TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG), recycled or organic cotton and/or polyester yarns.

Dragoni presents COTTON/LANA for shirts, embellished with LUREX yarns, for shirts and trousers to guarantee a more modern and glamorous look to satisfy the female segment.

For the women’s segment, Dragoni proposes more glamorous JACQUARDS and STRETCH ARMS with a Chanel effect in yarn-dyed black & white or coloured.

Dragoni has added LYCRA® to ensure greater comfort to the garment and, for the 24-25 season, LYCRA® – Ecomade has also been added for a more sustainable version.

The company also confirms for the 24-25 season the ECRU’ theme, the NATURALS, the NON-DYES, the SUSTAINABLE and uilizable all-weather theme.

Two innovative themes have been introduced for the winter season: DENIM-type printing and LASER TREATMENT.

For outdoor, active wear and casual wear, broken twill, ripstop and micro-armoured structures have been devised in cotton nylon elastane for shirts, trousers and outerwear

PRINTING evolves towards a more geometric design, yarn-dyed imitation on linings, while, outerwear develops on three themes: psychedelic, ethnic and floral new.

The collection is all digitised and available on the company’s Neocatalog platform and can be consulted at any time by both the sales network and customers.