Our vision of the lining goes beyond its functional role: we see it as a genuine element of distinction and enrichment for garments that are already valuable in themselves.
With an extraordinary range of options, our linings offer the possibility to customise each garment and make it unique.
Our yarndyed, piecedyed, garment-dyed and printed linings are designed to add a touch of class and originality to your garments. From subtle details to eye-catching patterns, there is a perfect lining for every style and occasion.
Our dedication to sustainability is evident in the details: we offer items dyed with environmentally friendly dyes which reduce the environmental impact by ensuring the colour performance of our linings.
Our FSC®-certified viscose and cupro yarns are dyed using reactive dyes, which guarantees maximum resistance to washing and the best performance over time, while maintaining the quality performance required of a classic outerwear.

Our strength lies in the possibility of customisation: thanks to our experience and expertise, we are able to create tailor-made linings according to the specific needs of our customers.

Whether you are looking for a twill, plain, woven or jacquard lining, we are here to turn your vision into reality.


Dragoni is ready to meet the needs of the market with a wide range of fabrics designed for apparel. We are committed to offering textile solutions that combine style, sustainability and versatility, ensuring that our customers can make informed, cutting-edge choices.

Our stock line is the beating heart of our offering, proposing fabrics covering a wide range of colours, weaves, weights, patterns and compositions. From understated elegance to lively boldness, from summer lightness to winter warmth.

Our collection includes fabrics made from a variety of fibres, including natural, recycled and biodegradable fibres. In addition to classic cotton and linen, we offer innovative fabrics made from hemp and bamboo, which are sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.